ready, set… two!

Our daughter turned 2 last Friday. 2! Like every parent around the world, time now flies. Life is now measured in kid’s milestones. And not a day goes by where I don’t think ‘how is it ‘x’ month already?!’.

Leading up to K’s birthday, I started to reflect on the last 2 years and decided that we as a family, have had some pretty awesome experiences. We’re a lucky little family that has taken the opportunity to travel often, jump at business risks and are surrounded by a whole lotta love.   IMG_4134

On our latest trip to Florida, before Christmas, I started to count the number of flights our little bub has been on… my husband and I placed bets thinking we’d be somewhere in the 30-ish ballpark… we counted them up. And by the time we returned home, K would have been on 49 different flights. Small planes, big planes, helicopters, long flights, short flights, night flights and very early flights. We managed to pull some strings while in Florida and got her up to a safe 51 different flights by the time she hit 2.

We’ve learned a lot travelling with a babe- some great lessons and some hard ones. We value every single one of those adventures so much more than material things. Although I don’t expect K to remember, I sure hope she’ll have some stories to tell and pictures to share as she grows. I hope that this blog inspires you to travel more, worry less and allow us to share our adventures with you.

Happy travelling-


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